The days are regular. This year is regular. And every day will probably be regular then more regular. Regular. so that everyday will still be regular. Just regular enough to be special I hope.

She. Me. Us. Never going to happen. Although, everyday I wish it. I can't tell if she even knows who I am. I'm not saddened by this, just scared by the idea. It's like I don't want to go outside of my comfort zone. But, if I don't, nothing at all will happen. Nothing. Nothing or something bad… It's risky, talking to her, interacting with someone I have no way to gage the feelings of. Someone I don't even know, but don't want to take the risk of knowing for fear of ruining the one and only chance of love I have. Atleast with her. I could try to love almost any other girl, and have more of a chance of success, but I don't know. There's just something about this night.

I dunno. After HER, there's this empty void in my mind. Something that can't be filled as easily as my urge to run, or my need to raise my grades. It's like I'm not myself… or maybe i'm my new self. I surely hope not. Change is scary, although I yearn for the change in my love life. I no way do I mean to re-date HER. That is not what I mean to say. I need someone more mature, and far more beautiful then her. That person I'm hoping is the person I describe in previous paragraphs. I feel that I might be hoping a bit too much, but there is really nothing I feel comfortable doing other than that.

What is love really? I mean, is it just a need for a more personal human relations? Or is it something not to be pondered? My brain is sore, but my heart is scarred. I yearn for the day when I can speak my feelings aloud with someone other than my best friend. But, not knowing when that day is, I act as if each day will end what I know to be regular.