Haven't written in a long time
my thoughts to wavering 
I'm so unsure of everything.
So indifferent 
to speak up.
to distracted 
to notice
That I've become the very person I hate
but when I wake up
I feel the same.
But I know I'm not.
I know things about myself That no one else knows,
but people know things about me that I can never know.
I feel things that no one can understand.
and my friends deal with me everyday.
but I just want to get out of highschool
the stupidest idea ever; highschool
a facility full of changing people
who don't even know who the are,
so they harshly judge the ones around them.
I hate it
and I can't wait until 
until its over
and I can do anything.

7/1/2012 07:08:09

Good thoughts. I like your honesty.


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